Strategic goal setting defines the trajectory of an organization’s focus and priorities for the years to come. It allows governing boards to identify and communicate to their constituents the specific policy areas they choose to spend their resources. It aligns the executive leader with the board her or she serves.

Our Strategic Goal Setting service is designed to establish a clear long-term direction, fostering stability and aligning the efforts of both governing boards and agency staff. TS Talent Solutions leads this process by conducting comprehensive interviews and facilitating goal setting discussions. Our aim is to align teams, cultivate community trust and drive meaningful progress.

Our work is adaptable to an individual agency’s needs, but often includes:

  • Community stakeholder engagement to include public engagement in the process

  • Comprehensive evaluation of existing direction/goals that includes one-on-one discussions with elected leaders, senior leadership teams, and stakeholders

  • Management of an online survey tool for all stakeholders to preview priorities and concerns

  • Facilitation of a strategic planning meeting with elected board

  • Collaboration with agency staff on priorities and achievable measurements

  • Finalized report that summarizes findings from the evaluation and outlines next steps with key metrics

With our strategic goal setting process, we will ensure your goals are bold enough to move the needle, but not unattainable. By helping your agency identify a few realistic and attainable goals, staff can focus on delivering and have confidence that success is within reach. As staff delivers they will gain confidence, the elected board will gain perspective and trust and the community will benefit from highly effective service delivery. Everyone wins.