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Tripepi Smith Talent Solutions is a multifaceted recruitment consultancy service.
We combine local government access with communications to advance talent quests.


Market Differentiation

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  • Right Price – Tripepi Smith will charge $16,000 – $22,000 per search–that’s 10-25% less compared to prevailing market rates, ensuring exceptional value for our clients.

  • City Manager Connections – Tripepi Smith is the city manager community’s first choice for marketing and communications support. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with talented city managers over the years to overcome challenges all over California. We know what good talent looks like. Tripepi Smith makes unmatched investments in associations and professional organizations across California and the world, including MMASC, MMANC, CCMF, CalCities, ICMA, CAL-ICMA, USC CMF, CAPIO, OCCMA, SGV CMA and CCCA. If there are letters in the association’s name, we sponsor them.

  • Culture of ‘Chill’ – We take a mellow approach in recruiting that keeps the process calm yet effective for our partners. Our method achieves results that leave all parties happy.

  • Digital Dominance – Tripepi Smith has a strong reputation for dominating digital platforms and connecting with people online. We leverage our expertise to reach all corners of the online market, raising the profile of both the agencies and the positions we are recruiting for.

  • Spectrum of Services – TS Talent Solutions offers different ways to engage us to support the quest for great talent.

    1. Talent Quest: Opt for our flat-fee traditional search services, where we meticulously identify a candidate pool and successfully fill specific positions.
    2. Search Support: Utilize our graphic artists and digital platforms in tandem with your in-house HR resources to promote and fill positions efficiently.
    3. Culture Curation: Harness our expertise in culture curation to help public agencies define and showcase their organizational ethos, enhancing recruitment efforts by attracting talent eager to contribute to and thrive within the agency’s unique culture.

Client Testimonials

“We had a number of incredible firms bid, but ultimately it was the demonstrated history of working with our community and TS Talent Solutions’ commitment to client service that compelled us to select the firm. Ryder and the team at TS Talent Solutions were the perfect partners for the City Council. They generated an incredible pool of talent for us to consider and ultimately positioned us to make a choice that won unanimous approval. It is clear that Ryder and his team know local government and have a keen understanding of local government, but equally important is that they really took the time to hear each council member about their concerns and hopes for the next City Manager.”

Keith Eich

City of La Cañada Flintridge

“Tripepi Smith translated our need for an assistant finance director into a compelling call for talent–it was amazing. They found us the perfect person for our organization, and she has made a huge difference to the City of Indian Wells. Tripepi Smith changed my worldview on the hunt for talent.”

Kevin McCarthy

City of Indian Wells

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