Jason Holley, City Manager, City of American Canyon

With our diverse natural surroundings, we wanted a Parks and Recreation Director who would take advantage of American Canyon’s unique location and attributes. TS Talent Solutions searched high and low to find talented applicants. We found an excellent new Parks and Recreation Director in Alexandra Ikeda, and I am confident she will deliver for our community.

Scott Collins, City Manager, City of Morro Bay

It was particularly important that the person hired for this role was not just knowledgeable as a Public Works Director, but was also a people-person, customer-service oriented and would fit in well in our close-knit community. Bria took the job description we were working with and turned it into a message that the type of individual we were hoping to hire would respond to. The brochure received several compliments from applicants and really represented our culture, which I think helped us attract a different calibre of applicant.

Carl Alameda, Assistant City Manager, City of La Cañada Flintridge

The team in La Cañada Flintridge knew that hiring for a technical position like a city engineer would be difficult. To ensure our opportunity stood out, we asked Tripepi Smith to make the case for joining our team with solid language and great visuals for our recruiting brochure. The resulting materials were excellent and valuable throughout the recruitment process.

Kevin McCarthy, Finance Director, City of Indian Wells

Tripepi Smith changed my worldview on the hunt for talent. Tripepi Smith translated our need for an assistant finance director into a compelling call for talent–it was amazing. They found us the perfect person for our organization, and she has made a huge difference to the City of Indian Wells.

John Moreno, City Manager, City of Paramount

The Finance Director position is one of the hardest to recruit for in municipal government. Tripepi Smith is a longtime partner of the City of Paramount, so we knew we could count on them given their track record of high quality work and outreach.

Ryan Smoot, City Manager, City of Lomita

Our City Council has a reputation for being efficient, collaborative and respectful of each other–even when they disagree. Their success sets the tone for the rest of our team at city hall, so investing in a healthy discussion and affirming a report that defines their vision and expectations is important to my team. Tripepi Smith is well known to our City Council since many of them have seen how the firm has positively impacted our communications related to water services and coronavirus. Tripepi Smith designated two of their senior leaders who possess a wide spectrum of local government experience to lead the discussion, and the results were tremendously valuable to the City Council, City Staff and our budget planning process.

Miranda Lutzow, City Manager, City of Manteca

Manteca might be a quiet bedroom community with a strong agricultural heritage, but there is nothing sleepy about our community. The residents deserve top quality service from their local government, and I know as a leader that takes a strong bench of talent. TS Talent Solutions took an innovative approach to helping us share the story of Manteca’s evolution and our unique offering for talented local government professionals. Through TS Talent Solutions, we were able to hire professionals who are making a difference in our community and to their teammates here at city hall.