When the City of Pasco, WA began its search for a new Community and Economic Development Director (CEDD), TS Talent Solutions stepped up to the call. TS collaborated with the City to attract high-level talent for the position. At the end of a successful recruitment, the City chose internal candidate Jacob Gonzalez to become their CEDD.

The City of Pasco is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Washington, located at the convergence of the Columbia, Yakima and Snake Rivers. Pasco’s local economy is based on agriculture and distribution and their Nuclear Reservation site draws engineers and science professionals to the area. In looking for a new CEDD, the City of Pasco knew they were looking for someone with experience and a strong understanding of City expansion and growth.

After an RFP process and careful consideration, the City tapped TS Talent Solutions to help execute the recruitment for the position. The TS Talent Solutions’ team is experienced at filling director positions for cities and works to understand the needs and culture of a city to identify candidates who can best aid the organizations. The recruitment was led by TS Talent Solutions Executive Recruiter Cathy Thompson and Recruiter Kylie Sun who yielded a strong pool of talent for the City’s consideration. TS Talent Solutions also tapped Senior Graphic Designer Kjerstin Wingert to design a recruitment brochure that embodies the feel of the City and captures the interest of qualified candidates..

“Pasco is a growing community with diverse economic interests. We have huge opportunities ahead of us, and landing the right person in this key position is crucial to the future of our community,” shared City Manager, Adam Lincoln. “The TS Talent Solutions team garnered an impressive candidate pool for the position. Their efforts allowed our team to come to the interview process with an open mind and a number of good options to consider.”

Ultimately, the City chose the local-born, internal candidate Jacob Gonzalez. Jacob began a career with Pasco in 2018 as a Senior Planner before transitioning to Planning Manager in 2021. His career experience, knowledge of the area, and passion for planning made him the best option to support the long-term goals of the City. Jacob grew up in Pasco and already had immense knowledge of the community going into the recruitment process as a candidate, both as a resident and as an employee.

“TS Talent Solutions is glad that we played a role in supporting the City with this successful recruitment. Pasco is a vibrant community with a lot of interesting projects and opportunities ahead, so we will be rooting for Jacob’s success in this new role,” shared Executive Recruiter Cathy Thompson.

Pashon shared, “We are thrilled to welcome Jacob as the City’s Community and Economic Development Director. The City is confident that he will successfully guide Pasco’s growth and help our community capitalize on our various economic opportunities to create job growth and economic success for the residents of Pasco.”