The City of Manteca partnered with Tripepi Smith to collaborate on an exciting new project – a recruitment video series that showcases the city’s various departments and aims to attract talented individuals to join their exceptional team.

Tripepi Smith’s Business Analyst Kylie Sun, along with Business Analyst/Videographer Nolan Voge, collaborated closely to develop cohesive recruitment videos that align with each department’s unique qualities. These departments include the police, fire department, engineering, administration, development services, public works, human resources, finance and information technology.

“It was an exceptional experience working closely with each department to meticulously plan, direct and produce recruitment videos that showcase the opportunities and benefits they offer,” stated Business Analyst Nolan Voge. “Our ultimate objective was to ensure the City of Manteca takes immense pride in presenting their various departments to potential applicants”.

Tripepi Smith has been working with the City of Manteca since 2020, providing ongoing assistance in various communication initiatives such as social media monitoring and content creation, graphic design, metric monitoring and more.

To watch the videos, visit: