When the City of Manteca needed to fill open executive-level positions, they sought out TS Talent Solutions, a newly launched division of Tripepi Smith. The new division leverages Tripepi Smith’s market presence, marketing skills and seasoned recruitment talent to deliver innovative recruiting solutions for local governments. As Manteca sought to rebuild its leadership team, the City consolidated its searches with one firm while simultaneously engaging TS Talent Solutions to also aid the creation of a culture brochure and related video asset.

“Manteca might be a quiet bedroom community with a strong agricultural heritage, but there is nothing sleepy about our community. The residents deserve top quality service from their local government, and I know as a leader that takes a strong bench of talent,” said City Manager Miranda Lutzow. “TS Talent Solutions took an innovative approach to helping us share the story of Manteca’s evolution and our unique offering for talented local government professionals. Through TS Talent Solutions, we were able to hire professionals who are making a difference in our community and to their teammates here at city hall.”

TS Talent Solutions worked with Bob Hall, a retired city manager and experienced recruiter who leverages his calm demeanor and open personality to engage in transparent and approachable recruitment processes. Bob has a strong and positive reputation among the city management community in California, and he brings his years of local government experience to the table as he counsels HR directors, city managers and city councils on the talent acquisition process.

While Bob took the lead on the recruitment activities, Senior Business Analyst Bria Balliet focused on the visuals and language to drive recruitment through advertising and digital platforms. The pairing brings Bob’s experience in local government together with Bria’s design skills and local government marketing acumen to deliver a deeper talent search experience. Together they recruited directors of engineering, public works, and development services.

“The City of Manteca is going through an important transition and culture change throughout the organization. Hiring for these critical positions was an important step for the city manager’s efforts to implement the change the Council sought. The great news is that Manteca had a compelling story to tell and presented an interesting opportunity for the right candidates,” said Bob. “We talked to some excellent talent along the way of making this selection process, and I truly appreciate everyone’s interest in the various positions.

In addition to recruiting for the senior leadership positions, Tripepi Smith highlighted the City’s culture through a new collateral piece. The innovative culture brochure captured the values of the City’s culture for the benefit of current and future employees.

“It is always a pleasure to work with cities that are innovative and not afraid of change, like the City of Manteca,” said Bria. “Tripepi Smith takes pride in bringing great talent into organizations who are hungry to make a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Tripepi Smith is currently in the process of working with the City of Manteca City Manager and City Council to recruit a City Attorney.

About TS Talent Solutions

TS Talent Solutions is a California-based executive search and talent development organization with a focus on the local government sector. A division of Tripepi Smith, TS Talent Solutions leverages the expertise and digital acumen of its parent firm to deliver next-generation recruitment solutions for public agencies. The quest for talent never ends, but progress is made with TS Talent Solutions.

About the City of Manteca

Located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, Manteca is a relatively young town centered among some of California’s most popular tourist attractions. Manteca was and remains a prosperous farming center and is home to new and expanding high tech industries. The “family city” atmosphere, central location and the “bedroom community” made for the industrial sites make Manteca an ideal destination. Today Manteca has over 72,000 residents and is the home of Big League Dreams, Bass Pro Shop, Costco, Walmart and many other amenities.