Our Search Support service centers on the HR professionals inside public agencies and wraps our marketing and outreach efforts around the inside team for any given position. Streamlining the most challenging part of recruitment, TS Talent Solutions leverages the skills of our recruitment team and graphic designers to amplify positions and set our clients up for success. This frees up the inside HR staff to focus on candidates, position descriptions and the candidate review process. TSTS helps your agency cast a wider net, the HR team gets to gather more candidates.

Our Search Support level of work includes:
  • Creation of a unique job announcement and digital brochure for the position
  • Development of outreach materials including compelling social media content and job ad language
  • Management of announcements in professional organizations, membership agencies, and publications
  • Candidate research and direct outreach by phone and email to prospective candidates
Social Media Graphic Samples
Recruitment Brochure Samples
District Attorney’s Office2024-05-10T01:32:02-07:00
County Health Officer2024-05-10T01:26:13-07:00
Community Economic & Development Director2023-12-22T16:51:18-08:00
Chief Financial Officer2023-12-22T16:50:51-08:00

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