Culture is the management that happens when management is not around. Building a strong culture drives an organization’s ability to provide high-quality service to its community and fosters belonging and empowerment among staff, creating an environment where people want to work and stay with your organization. Our Culture Curation service helps public agencies define their values, recruit staff aligned with the culture, and unify the team behind a common set of culture traits and values.

Culture Curation is an investment in the future success of recruiting and retention. Aligning the culture with the organization’s vision and values and building upon the desired culture, staff will feel engaged, respected, valued, experiencing increased job satisfaction and enhanced performance which leads to increased staff retention. An organization is only as good as the team leading it. It’s a smart investment to set your agency up for success.

Our culture curation services follows the following framework:

With a clearly defined culture, the entire organization will be working with a shared purpose and playing by the same rules. Putting purpose at the core builds unity, shared motivation, and leads to greater positive impact in the community and within the organization. When belonging and safety is fostered, efficiency, creativity and innovation can flourish.