The City of Lomita is a quiet bedroom community located in LA County’s South Bay. With a population of nearly 21,000 residents and a strong contract cities model, the City relies on fiscal prudence to deliver services to residents while investing in major infrastructure. For years, City staff has based their priorities on City Council’s established goals, but with two new council members and a year of pandemic lessons under their belts, City Manager Ryan Smoot wanted to revisit the goal setting process to help both City Council and staff reset their near term plans. The City then hired Tripepi Smith to facilitate that process.

“Our City Council has a reputation for being efficient, collaborative and respectful of each other–even when they disagree. Their success sets the tone for the rest of our team at city hall, so investing in a healthy discussion and affirming a report that defines their vision and expectations is important to my team,” said City Manager Ryan Smoot. “Tripepi Smith is well known to our City Council since many of them have seen how the firm has positively impacted our communications related to water services and coronavirus. Tripepi Smith designated two of their senior leaders who possess a wide spectrum of local government experience to lead the discussion, and the results were tremendously valuable to the City Council, City Staff and our budget planning process.”

The goal setting process included a council member questionnaire, one-on-one conversations with each council member, several meetings with the City Manager, facilitating two City Council strategy sessions and a 20-page report summarizing the Council’s goals and priorities. For the first time, Lomita also developed key milestones and metrics that the City Council can rely upon to gauge the organization’s progress toward hitting the City Council goals.

“Lomita is a pragmatic ‘get stuff done’ type of city, and the City Council recognizes that some goals are aspirational, while others are foundational. The priority is on the foundation, but several years of investing in the foundation means the City can now look to a couple aspirational goals, too,” observed Ryder Todd Smith, president of Tripepi Smith. “The City Council engaged in a robust discussion on priorities and goals, and we were able to harness the ideas and energy into new goals and revised existing goals. The process went well, and I attribute a big chunk of that to the Lomita City Council being focused on community needs and respect for each other. It is a model council.”

The Lomita goal setting project was delivered through Tripepi Smith’s recently launched TS Talent Solutions division (TSTS). TSTS helps organizations recruit game changing talent and build stronger teams. Lomita tapped Tripepi Smith for the latter, investing in the health of the organization through development of its organization. Goal setting is fundamental to uniting city council and city hall staff through shared priorities that ensure a healthy and functional organization. TSTS respects the unique structure of the council-manager form of government and operates under the belief that a thorough goal setting process can make that model work even better for thousands of communities across America.

The final report is available on the Lomita City Hall website here.

About TS Talent Solutions

TS Talent Solutions is a California-based executive search and talent development organization with a focus on the local government sector. A division of Tripepi Smith, TS Talent Solutions leverages the expertise and digital acumen of its parent firm to deliver next-generation recruitment solutions for public agencies. The quest for talent never ends, but progress is made with TS Talent Solutions.

About the City of Lomita

As a family-friendly City, Lomita creatively and consistently strives to provide excellent public service and employee performance, with the intent to enrich the quality of life for every citizen, worker and business owner. The mission of the City of Lomita is to provide a healthy, safe and friendly small-town community where everyone can successfully live, work and play.