The City of Fairfield engaged Tripepi Smith Talent Solutions to assist in the recruitment of a new Director of Finance. After a three-month recruitment process, the City of Fairfield hired John Furtado to fill the Finance Director role. John also has an extensive background in the private sector spending over 20+ years in investment banking internationally. Desiring to leave investment banking, John shifted to local government rising quickly and taking on a variety of challenges and projects. John recently served as Finance Director for the City of Los Altos and Finance Manager at the City of Walnut Creek. John is that well rounded candidate the City was looking for to fill this critical role.

The City of Fairfield is a forward looking organization with a long history of innovative practices. The mission of Fairfield’s Finance Department is to protect and enhance the City’s financial security, safeguard city funds, provide fiscal information in support of City decision-making and to provide high quality financial services.

“I am excited to welcome John to Fairfield. He brings a wide variety of experience in both the private and public sectors, and his depth of knowledge will be a great fit for our ongoing mission of organizational excellence,” said Fairfield City Manager, David Gassaway. “He has managed many complex budget projects throughout his career and has demonstrated a strong commitment to financial transparency and open government. John will be a great addition to our senior leadership team.”

Tripepi Smith worked with Fairfield Human Resources staff to hone in on City culture and the qualities that would be most important in a candidate. From there, they built out an eye-catching recruitment brochure and posted the opportunity on leading industry boards such as PublicCEO and Western City Magazine.

“One of my favorite parts of the recruitment process is speaking with City staff and getting a feel for their organizational culture. It drives the rest of the process and ensures we can tap into the right talent,” said TS Talent Solutions Director Cathy Thompson. “I am excited for the City’s selection of its new Director of Finance. John was a stellar candidate and will serve the City well. Coupled with his skill for finance and commitment to excellence, I am certain he will be successful in the role and within the community.”

About Fairfield
The City of Fairfield is a diverse and growing city located midway between San Francisco and Sacramento. With a combination of prime commercial real estate, room for growing businesses, and a large and talented workforce, Fairfield is the emerging business and industry hub in the North Bay region. Its central location, desirable water quality, extensive transportation networks, reasonably-priced properties, and proximity to Northern California’s world famous destinations make Fairfield a prime location for both residents and businesses.

About TS Talent Solutions
TS Talent Solutions is a California-based executive search and talent development organization focused on the local government sector. A division of Tripepi Smith, TS Talent Solutions leverages the expertise and digital acumen of its parent firm to deliver next-generation recruitment solutions for public agencies. The quest for talent never ends, but progress is made with TS Talent Solutions.