When West County Wastewater (WCW) began recruiting for a Records Program CoordWest County Wastewater Logoinator, they called on TS Talent Solutions (TSTS) to cast the net for talent far and wide. TSTS was more than ready to engage with WCW staff and begin outreach on this project.

With the end goal of ensuring that candidates have not only the correct qualifications but also are a proper fit for WCW office culture, TSTS President Ryder Todd Smith and Business Analyst Kylie Sun launched an outreach plan that included designing an online recruitment brochure, placing ads on LinkedIn and posting to various online job boards.

“The job market is tough these days. We knew trying to find an experienced and engaging Records Program Coordinator would be challenging,” said Justin Lovell, Director of Administrative Services at WCW. “To ensure our opportunity stood out, we asked TS Talent Solutions to help make the case for joining our team with solid language and great visuals in the recruiting brochure. The results were excellent and provided value throughout the entire recruitment process.”

Tripepi Smith worked with WCW staff to hone in on special district culture and the qualities that would be most important in a candidate. TSTS also posted the opportunity on leading industry boards such as PublicCEO and BayWork.

“WCW found success in narrowing down three strong candidates from a large applicant pool, which simply wouldn’t have been achievable without the recruiting support of TSTS,” Justin noted.

“TS Talent Solutions is unique in offering a service to collaborate directly with recruiting staff to increase overall outreach quality while not taking on the full executive search. In this case, it offered the right match for the team at WCW, and I appreciate the opportunity to deliver for the agency,” remarked Kylie.

About West County Wastewater
West County Wastewater is an award-winning wastewater treatment and resource recovery agency that collects and treats wastewater for reuse with a commitment to protecting public health, the community and the environment. WCW’s administrative office and Water Quality & Resource Recovery Plant are located in Richmond, California where they serve west Contra Costa County.