The City of Hercules adopted seven strategic goals for the Fiscal Years 2024-2026 after a successful goal setting process facilitated by TS Talent Solutions (TSTS). 

Nestled in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, the City of Hercules is a suburban community named after its origins as a dynamite manufacturing site in the late 19th century.  With over 26,000 residents, Hercules has evolved into more than a company town—it has transformed into a diverse, family-friendly community offering numerous amenities and a high quality of life for its residents.

As the end of FY 2022-24 approached, it was time for the Hercules City Council to consider its goals for the next two years. City Manager Dante Hall tapped TSTS to facilitate the process. Principal Ryder Todd Smith led the process with support from Director Christine Martin and Business Analyst Kylie Sun. 

“The City of Hercules is on an exciting path of growth and development. We are committed to building upon our progress and setting ambitious yet achievable goals for the future of our community,” stated Dante. “The recently adopted strategic goals reflect a collective vision for our growing community. Our collaboration with the TS Talent Solutions team was instrumental in ensuring all council member voices were heard throughout this process.”

Following an online questionnaire, TSTS invited each city council member to participate in a one-on-one interview to discuss their individual concerns and priorities. Upon completion of each, TSTS consolidated concerns and identified correlating goals, presented them to City Council, and invited discussion and strategic feedback during a public on-site workshop. To conclude the process, TSTS delivered a report summarizing the Council’s goals and including reportable objectives identified by City staff to aid City Council in measuring their progress. 

“Strategic goal setting creates a shared vision, aligning the work of City staff with the direction set by the City Council, making day-to-day operations more efficient,” noted TSTS Director Christine Martin. “Kudos to the Hercules City Council for their proactive approach in setting strategic goals that address both immediate needs and long-term fiscal sustainability. I appreciate the passion and commitment to the community that the Councilmembers demonstrated throughout the process.”

The City of Hercules FY 2024-2026 goals include:


  • Advance Progress of the Hercules Hub
  • Take Steps to Address the City’s Fiscal Sustainability
  • Improve Community Transparency and Communication
  • Continue Investing in a Winning Team at City Hall
  • Plan and Fund Major Infrastructure
  • Develop a Comprehensive Land-Use Strategy
  • Develop a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

View the full report here. 


TS Talent Solutions (TSTS) is a division of Tripepi Smith. TSTS helps organizations recruit talent, set goals and build stronger team culture.